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Calsimed Tablet

For strong & dense bones.
Herbal calcium supplement, Maintains calcium homeostasis, helps in the formation of bones mass, offers maximum elemental calcium for absorption.


Calsimed Tablet is not only improves strength, stability, and agility of physique and joints but also make a person look younger than his or her age. This ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency is very useful for women suffering from menopausal symptoms and also for those who suffer from brittle bones due to osteoporosis. Calsimed Tablet also relieves and arrest the progression of osteoarthritis in aging individuals by keeping bones and joints healthy.

Calsimed Tablet is Calcium deficiency can be a source of many disorders. Calcium is a vital component for teeth, nails, and hairs and it is also very crucial for muscular performance. The major role of calcium is in building bone tissues. Bones are not static organs, the tissues get worn out which are required to be replaced regularly by the body to keep bones healthy, flexible and dense. When the body suffers from calcium deficiency it is unable to keep hairs, teeth and nails strong and also suffers from muscular lethargy and weakness.

The major disadvantage is that the body starts stealing calcium from bones and makes them feeble, thin and rigid prone to suffer from fractures and cracks. Calsimed Tablet is an ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency which alleviates all these conditions effectively. The herbs present in this ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency fulfill calcium requirements quickly and provide relief.

Poor calcium metabolism, a diet lacking in this vital mineral and metabolic disorders are primarily responsible for calcium deficiency, ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency provided by Calsimed Tablet handles the problem occurring due to any of these reasons. By supplementing calcium in the bio-available form it provides fast and reliable ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency and also improves metabolism to gain calcium from diet efficiently.

This herbal calcium supplement along with calcium also provides vitamin D which speeds-up the process of bone tissue generation and work as powerful calcium supplements for bone and joint health. Weakness in bones causes weak and stiff joints too. Ayurvedic treatment for calcium deficiency by increasing bone tissue generation strengthens bones and joints both to provide the fitter, stronger and agile body.

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