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Mery Syrup

Effective in gynecological disorders.
Uterine tonic with multiple herbs to compliment synergistic activity For rhythm & order in menstrual disorder stimulates & tones uterine musculature.


There is Hardly a Lady without GYNEC Problems. An Our Product to Manage Varied Gynecological Problems Our customers can avail from us an excellent of Mery Capsule.

It is a herbal product of choice which ensures greater certainty of the result in leucorrhoea. It’s a formula consisting of powerful herbs & mineral which not only checks the discharge from the vagina effectively & quickly but subsides all its associated symptoms also. It strengthens the reproductive organs of a female & improves general health. regulates and restores the MENSTRUAL CYCLE un-interrupted, and corrects HORMONAL IMBALANCE. It reassures the patient freedom from the unwanted burden, without any complications and undesired consequences


  • Leucorrhoea & associated symptoms.
  • Regulate Menstrul Cycles.
  • Relive Anxiety And Stress In Leucorrhoea.
  • Normalizes The Secretion Of Vagina.
  • Provide Relife From Painful Abdominal Cramps


Sr. No.IngredientUse Of PartBotanical NameReference BookQuantity
Each10ml.Contains Extract Derived From
1LodhraBarkSymplocos Racemosa.A.B.350 Mg.
2 AshokaBarkSaraca Indica.A.B.250 Mg.
3GoukharuFruitTribulus Terrestris.A.B.250 Mg.
4BilagarbhaFrutAegle Marmelos.A.B.100 Mg.
5JivantiPanchangLeptadenia Reticulate.A.B.100 Mg.
6SatavaryRootAsparagus Racemosus.A.B.50 Mg.
7 BalaSeedSida Cordifolia.A.B.50 Mg.
8AshwagandhaRootWithaniasomnifera.A.B.50 Mg.
9ManjisthaStemRubia Cordifolia.A.B.50 Mg.
10KutajBarkHollarrhena Antidysentrica.A.B.50 Mg.
11SunthiRhizome.Zingiberofficinalis.A.B.50 Mg
12 NagarmothRhizome.Cyperus Rotundas.A.B.40 Mg.
Aqueous Syrup BaseQ.S.
Preservative:SodiumbenzoateI.P.20 Mg
Sodium Methyl Para BeanI.P.20mg
Sodium Proply Para BeanI.P.10mg
Flavoured Syrup BaseQ.S
Colour-  CarmozinQ.S.


200 ml Amber pet bottle


Adult:2 teaspoonful 3 times a day or as directed by the physician

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