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Sinhanad Guggulu

Useful in Rhumatisam, Osteo Arthritis etc.



Singhnad Guggul

Causes of Arthritis
• Aging
• Infections
• Lack of exercise
• Nutritional deficiency
• Obesity
• Genetic factor
• Smoking
• Diabetes

Best Treatment of Arthritis

Singhnad Guggul is a wonderful product that provides joint and muscle pain relief. It is the safest method which treats arthritis quickly. It calms down the ache which is very painful for the arthritis. It is a top rejuvenate for the body. It also helps in improving the digestion and minimizes production of toxins. It actually works as a detox. It contains some ingredients that are well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps in soothing the joints. Swollen joints, painful joints are recovered soon by consuming this product. It heals up the joints very fast. People of any age group can use this product as it is safe to use. It works effectively for all. It is beneficial in curing back pain, spondylitis and acts as a tonic for joints. It provides nourishment to the bones and fulfills the deficiency of the body. Acute or chronic pain can be eradicated by this guggul . It reduces swelling in the joints as well as foot area. Further, it is helpful in reducing stiffness of the muscles. It contains calcium which is a necessity for the bones. Therefore, it provides overall growth of bones and joints. It is considered as the best natural cures for the joint pain. It is an herbal treatment of curing acute problem of joint dislocations and you can avoid operation by taking this guggul . It contains herbs for arthritis that makes the joints strong. It is a medicinal herb that has many health benefits, like it treats hernia, edema, indigestion, paralysis, dyspepsia, asthma, paraplegia etc. It also has lipid lowering properties. It removes extra fat, excessive ama and fluids from the body. It actually penetrates deep in the tissues. It is the great solution to joint and muscle pain relief.


It is made up of natural ingredients which are considered as the herbs for arthritis.

  • Gandhak
  • Amalaki Fruit
  • Haritaki Fruit
  • Guggul Resin
  • Bibhitaki Fruit




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