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Stonillplus Syrup

Nill U.T.I. & stones with STONILLPLUS.

Help disintegrate calculi into fine particles and expels out, Prevents recurrence of UTI and renal Calculi recurrence.


Renal Disorder & Alkaliser:

We put the best effective Ayurvedic Urinary & Renal Syrup. These Syrup are formulated by making use of high-grade required basic herbal ingredients. these Syrup are widely appreciated for their attributes such as non-toxicity and effectiveness.

Kalthi(Dolichos Bayflorus): Ayurveda explains that  Kalthi(Dolichos Bayflorus), as it is known in most parts of the world, is invaluable for getting rid of the stones because it is a diuretic (a substance that increases urine flow).

It has diuretic properties that reduce the size of the renal stones and breaks up the kidney stones. A scientific review has confirmed its diuretic and anti-lithic properties because of the presence of many phytochemicals, for example, phenolic compounds that help in treating Kidney stones


Ingredients in Stonill Plus syrup ‐

  • Help dissolve urinary calculi through CaC2O4 crystal inhibition (ashmari‐hara)
  • Protect kidneys from various toxic substances (mutravaha‐sroto‐balya)
  • Improve renal functions (vrikka‐balya)
  • Increase the production and excretion of the urine (mutrala)


  • Prevents recurrence of stones.
  • Dissolves the mucin binding stone particles.
  • Flushes out gravel due to diuretic properties.
  • Corrects impaired crystalloid-colloid balance.


  • These Syrup are beneficial for renal calculi
  • These Syrup are beneficial for urinary tract infection,
  • Renal colic urethritis, cystitis, recurrent calculi,
  • Burning micturition and dysuria r plus diuretics like, makes Stonill Capsule a drug for Renal Calculi.
  • Stonill Syrup breaks down renal stones and flushes out gravel.
  • Help flush out pus cells


Sr. No.IngredientUse Of PartBotanical NameReference BookQuantity
Each10ml.Contains Extract Derived From
1 KalthiSeed.Dolichos Bayflorus.A.B.350 Mg.
2PashanbhedRhizomBergenia Ciliata.A.B.250 Mg.
3VarunStem BarkCrataeva Nurvala.A.B.250 Mg.
4PalashpushpFlower.Butea Monosperma.A.B.100 Mg.
5 GarmaloFruitpulp.Cassia Fistula.A.B.100 Mg.
6SagbeejSeed.Tectona Grandis.A.B.50 Mg.
7GokharuFruitTribulus Terrestris.A.B.50 Mg.
8PunarnvaRootBoerhaavia Diffusa.A.B.50 Mg.
9DhamasoWhole PlantFagonia Arabica.A.B.50 Mg.
10SunthiRhizome.Zingiber Officinalis.A.B.50 Mg.
11JavSeed.Hordeum Vulgare.A.B.50 Mg
12Harde.FruitTerminalia Chebula.A.B.40 Mg.
13Nimbu Ka PhoolCrystaCitrus AcidaA.B.20 Mg.
14SajjikharCrystaAshtonemn Indicum.R.T.S.P.S.Part.110 Mg.
Aqueous Syrup BaseQ.S.
Preservative:SodiumbenzoateI.P.20 Mg.
Sodium Methyl Para BeanI.P.20 Mg.
Sodium Proply Para BeanI.P.10 Mg.
Flavoured Syrup BaseQ.S
Colour – Sunset Yellow.Q.S.


200 ml Amber pet bottle


Children: 1teaspoonful 3 times a day or as directed by the physician
Adult:2 teaspoonful 3 times a day or as directed by the physician

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