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Pailess Capsule

Free of pain from piles problem.
Controls bleeding piles and reduce associated pain, Provides a smoothing effect to the anorectal area, Checks inflammation & itching.


Pailess Capsule is a herbal formulation of time tested ayurvedic herbs known for their beneficial effects in treating piles.
Painless Capsule has astringent properties and the combined action of the herbs reduces the bulk of hemorrhoids and heals the mucous membrane. It improves digestion.
Suran acts as a lubricant and stool softener & eases the passage of stools. It helps to correct the hepatic activities and regulates the bowel movement.
Nagkesar has astringent and laxative properties. stimulating, cooling, laxative, and carminative properties.
Sphatika Bhasma is also known by names like Tuvari, kankshi, and Phataki, etc. It is hemostatic, bitter, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic in nature. It acts as the blood purifier and used for the treatment of Piles
This Ayurvedic preparation is also beneficial in the treatment of bleeding disorders and hemorrhagic. This medicine balance the Vata and pitta dosha in the body.


  • Treats Bleeding And Non –Bleeding Piles.
  • Excellent Germicidal & Appetiser.
  • Relieves Constipation & Anorexia.
  • For internal and external hemorrhoids (piles).
  • Improves blood circulation reduces haemorrhoidal Congestion.
  • Prevents the growth of piles, Anti-Septic


Sr. no.IngredientUse of PartBotanical name.Reference BookQuantity
Composition : each HPMC  Capsule contains.
1SuranRhizomeAmorphophallus Campanulatus .A.B130 Mg.
2Neem BeejSeedAzadirachta IndicaA.B100 Mg.
3Shubhara Bhasma—-—-R.T .S -Part-1100 Mg.
4Swadishtvirechan Churna—-—-R.T .S -Part-160 Mg.
5KaranjSeedPongamia PinnataA.B.55Mg.
6NagakesarSeedOchrocarpus Longifolius.A.B.30 Mg
HPMC.Capsule Approved Color Used in Capsule Shell.


In Container Pack of
10 x 10
500 Cap


Adult:-2 capsule 2 to 3 Times a day or As directed by the physician

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