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Stonill Tablet

Renal disorder & diuretic alkalize.
Clears urinary tract infections (UTI) & provides Antiseptic coverage, Disintegrates & dissolves the renal calculi also prevents a recurrence.


Stonill Tablet & syrup is unique medicine for Kidney Stone. the stone will easily melt and removed by urine. And in case of recurrent infection after surgery , to overcome such condition an ideal drug of choice is stonill tablet & syrup as a dual therapy. Proven stonill tablet is lithotryptic and syrup is alkaliser and diuretic,helps in complete removal of renal calculi and prevents from further recurrence. Hajrul yahood bhasma uses in treating urinary calculi, difficulty in urination and other urinary tract disorders. Used in the treatment of difficulty in urination,calculi etc.


  • These capsules are beneficial for urinary tract infection,
  • Renal colic urethritis, cystitis, recurrent calculi,
  • Burning micturition and dysuria High concentration of lithotryptic agents Pashanbhed, Gokshurak and Hajrool
  • Yahood Bhasma plus diuretics like Kulthi ,makes
  • Stonill Capsule a drug for Renal Calculi.
  • Stonill Capsule breaks down renal stones and flushes out gravel.
  • Helps flush out pus cells,


Sr. no.IngredientUse of PartBotanical nameReference BookQuantity
Each Film Coated Tablet Contains.
1Hazral Yahod BhasmaR.T.S.P.S.Part.1100 Mg.
2Sheetal ParpatiR.T.S.P.S.Part.1100 Mg.
3KalthiSeedDolichos Bayflorus.A.B70 Mg.
4PalashaSeedButea MonospermaA.B.70 Mg.
5Sag BijaSeedTectona GrandisA.B.50 Mg.
6GokharuFruitTribulus Terrestris.A.B.45 Mg.
7ApamargSeedAchyranthes AsperaA.B.40 Mg
8PunarnavaRootBoerhaavia DiffusaA.B.25 Mg.
Hpmc  Transparent Coating


In Container Pack of
1000 Tabs,10X10  blister pack


Children:1 tablet 2 to 3 times a day

Adult: 2 to 3 tablets 3 times a day or as directed by the physician

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